Ways Of Extending The Life Of A Hair Weave

Ways Of Extending The Life Of A Hair Weave

Women have embraced the various types of hair in the market. Furthermore, the multiple choices give their everyday looks options based on their preferences. The hair types are either human hair or synthetic. You can get extensions, wigs, or weaves ( bundles with closure). Weaves are a more permanent solution than wigs. A wig installation can be glueless where you wear and go. Also, you can secure it with glue for a better hold. As for weaves, a stylist sews tracks of hair on your natural hair to give a permanent and long-lasting look. This post explains ways of extending the life of a hair weave.

Weave life extension

A human hair weave is usually more affordable than wigs. The fair prices and styling options attract many women. After application, the result is generally great, and the challenging part is over. However, maintenance work awaits you if you want it to last long. The hair also stays in perfect condition and enhances your confidence. The following are ways to maintain the hair bundles.

1. Be gentle with the hair weave

Remember, the hair weave is a combination of bundles and a closure. The closure is a small but delicate piece that covers the start of installation. The closure hairs are knotted individually on the lace. The tracks sewn into your hair seem secure but, they can come off easily if mishandled. You can pluck the hair out or cause breakage through forceful pulling or tugging. Thus, gently scratch your head, especially if you have long nails.

Brush the hair weave gently and properly

Proper hair brushing is vital. Always comb the weave at least twice a day, morning and evening. It helps to keep tangle free and pretty. Tangled hair condition worsens with time making it impossible to have it on for long. Always brush the hair from the end in case there are knots. Slowly work your way up till you reach your roots. Starting from the roots may be challenging and painful trying to get the comb out. Also, the tugging may cause the track to come off.

2. Avoid using excessive heat

Regular use of too much heat damages the bundles. You can use heat if necessary, but it is advisable to avoid it. Heat comes in handy during styling. However, there are heat-free styling methods like using rollers. Damp your hair, put them on, and leave them overnight. The weave will have curls similar to those produced by heat in the morning.

3. Always cover the hair when sleeping

Brush through the hair before wrapping it. Failure to cover may cause matting, something you'd want to avoid. Also, constant rubbing on the pillow leads to strand breakage.

4. Apply good products on the hair weave

Choose products that leave your hair moist and healthy. Avoid those with too much alcohol content as they cause dryness. Additionally, consider the condition of your hair and get what works for it.


Bundles with closure are a great style option. Regular maintenance is essential to prolong their life. Have a routine involving all the important steps. Brush gently, avoid too much heat, and cover-up at night. Also, use the right products as per your needs. Seek assistance from a stylist to ensure you are doing the right thing.