Maintenance Of Pressure Washer — Tips & Tricks

Maintenance Of Pressure Washer — Tips & Tricks

Pressure washers are commonly used tools for cleaning applications. However, it's not only the things that need to be cleaned, but washers also need proper and timely maintenance.

If you didn’t want to spend money on repair and to resolve wear & tear, make sure to keep an eye on your washer pressure.

The maintenance of electric and gas/petroleum washers is quite different. The electric washers are easy to maintain as there is no fuel changing issues. However, the fuel-based washers are time and effort-demanding on a regular basis.

Here we are discussing a few common tips that you need to follow for a smooth watering washer.

1. Pump Protector

Water itself is the most damaging element in a pressure washer. This water can cause the rusting of the pump if not removed properly. But you cannot fully remove the water from the pump.

Your problem can be solved with the use of a pump protector that is like a mini tool to push the water out of the pump. It is the only way to keep the pump interior rust-proof.

2. Use Provided Detergents

A lot of pressure washers are now available with attached detergent boxes for improved cleaning. Such brands also provide you the specific washer-safe detergent as well.

Ensure to use the required detergent because other detergents might contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your pressure washer.

3. The Right Nozzle

A single pressure washer can provide you with up to 6 different pressure levels & for all those levels, different nozzles are required.

The nozzles are color-coded from red highest pressure to black the minimum one. Keep in mind to use the right nozzle based on your required pressure; otherwise, the washer will face serious consequences.

4. On-time Filter Cleaning & Replacement

Pressure washers contain filters to remove the dust, grime, and other water impurities. These filters are important to keep the engine safe from such elements.

Timely cleaning and replacement of these filters are very important to avoid water blockage or minimize the pressure on the engine.

The recommended time period of filters cleaning is 4 hours (if being used consecutively) & replacement is approximately three months.

5. Use Fuel Stabilizer

In the case of fuel pressure washers like gas and petroleum, you need to stabilize engine fuel in case you are not using it. The reactive fuel can cause serious damages to the washer interior, which can't be resolved with few efforts. Make certain to use these stabilizers.

6. O-Ring Replacement

O-rings in pressure washers are used to block, separate, and connect many out and inlets. After constant use of washers, these rings can be flattened or degraded, which can cause leakage or friction. In both cases, it can be harmful to the engine.

Remember to change these rings from time to time for minimum damage.

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Every tool & equipment needs proper maintenance for smooth and efficient working. You might find it boring or time-consuming, but it's important for the long life of your equipment. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you and your pressure washer.